2011 997 GT3RS With SharkWerks Exhaust, EVOMSit & HRE P40C Wheels

This 2011 Black and bronze themed GT3RS came into us in preparation for the One-Lap of America event. On tap was the SharkWerks Exhaust, the EVOMSit Software, light-weight HRE P40 CL Monoblok wheels and RSS suspension links. With track-usage in mind we also performed our coolant pipe fix and a TC Design roll bar was built as well.


And a white/red leaving...

Out comes the engine for the coolant pipe fix:

With the engine out on goes the SharkWerks exhaust:

The stock upper and lower control arms:

And now replaced with the RSS Dog bone kit and Bump-steer upgrade:

The EVOMSit software tuning is installed with 91 octane in mind via our OBDII flashing equipment:

Over to the interior now and out comes the driver's seat for the SharkWerks fire extinguisher kit (in wrinkle-black):

With the seat out you can see Tony's roll bar:

And installed:

Finally on go the HRE Monoblok P40 CL wheels finished in satin black:

Ready for a test drive:

Ready for the One-Lap event:

Brembo Type III PCCB replacement rotors installed:

And in the rear:

With some track usage the LSD needed strengthening so off it went to Guard:

Ready for the track with the Brembo type III rotors:

And here she is, spotted at the track during the One-Lap of America event just a few weeks later: