TechArtType I Front Spoiler for 991 Carrera / S / GTS

Product type: Aero & Exterior
  • 911 Carrera GTS - 991
  • 911 Carrera - 991
  • 911 Carrera S - 991

Product Description

The TECHART Aerokit I underlines the sportive attitude of the 911 from every angle. Typically TECHART, its subtle distinction is unmistakable. At the same time, it decently maintains the inimitable 911 design line.

The two-part TECHART Front Spoiler I features an integral splitter and blends perfectly into the surrounding shaping of the front apron. Its composition optically reduces the distance between the car and the tarmac, and it emphasizes self-confidence and strength.

Upright Aerowings in both front air intakes set another racy highlight, applying a new dynamic twin-duct design. Typical TECHART trims in body color upgrade the 911's headlights and side mirrors.

At speeds of 85+mph the TechArt front Spoiler 1 reduces the uplift and the front axle of the 991 S by 5 kilograms. The Type II rear wing generates and additional 17.5 kilograms of additional downforce. The aerodynamic advantage grows with speed and at the top speed of 189mph there is an additional 76 kilograms of downforce overall. It will also fit cabriolet models.

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