Shark Werks4.1 Liter Engine Upgrade for 997 / 997.2 GT3 / RS

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Product Description

Top-secret and in co-development with EVOMS since late 2011, Shark Werks is pleased to announce the 4.1L engine upgrade. Along with 5 years of pioneering 3.9L engines and now 2 years of extensive R&D and testing, building, designing, improving and evaluating on our own 2011 GT3RS we believe we have built a GT3 engine with exceedingly more torque without sacrificing the same integrity and character that GT3 owners have come to enjoy from these cars.

When pushing the entire package as hard as we did we obviously ran into physical limitations/ceilings for the OEM Porsche parts- many of these showed up months (and years!) later in Technical Service Bulletins and Recalls for the 4.0 and/or have become warranty concerns for heavily pushed/tracked RS'. Beyond just physical power/response improvements the R&D has proved well-worthwhile for customers that intend to track and/or keep their GT3s for many years to come. Not only can we apply these newly learned/developed in-house set of the upgrades to help lengthen the life of our engine but we have been doing to now to stock and/or 3.9 ers for some time. Although the factory obviously has far greater resources/budget they also have many departments/bean counters that keep the ceiling and internals of the street version gt3 Mezger where it sits with the 3.8 and 4.0. Porsche built thousands of these motors vs the handfuls that that we intend to and so we don’t need to meet that same limit in terms of performance/cost. We build these for ourselves and our customers alike without having to worry about buying thousands of the same crank and saving money in certain areas. Our cost vs reward equation wouldn’t make sense in a “factory” setting. Hence we can and do use some more exotic engine components and techniques that wouldn’t normally fly in terms of cost in a production level vehicle.

We utilize and exotic and lightweight Billet 80.44mm crankshaft (2.5 pounds lighter than OEM GT3 Crank) CNC machined from billet 4340 high alloy steel. 2-stage Ion-nitride hardening process, Controlled Displacement Micro (CDM) polished, Multi-Rate rod journal oiling system, 12 Radically Profiled counterweights, Lightened & dynamically balanced counterweights and yet stronger in tensile strength vs. OEM crankshaft- it has been tested beyond 9500rpms.

Over the last 8 years of GT1 engine building, Shark Werks' James Hendry & John Bray (EVOMS lead engine builder) have pulled a few techniques together to race-prep the stock engine case. Just some of the icing included shuffle pinning, boat tailing, polishing the main bearings and improved oiling techniques. Omicron finishing all of the rotating parts. Custom cleveite bearings were used. The case was assembled with the EVOMS H-11 Engine case (and Head Stud kits)."Hammer-head" Shark-spec headwork performed along with race style valve guides for longevity.

The 4.1 engine conversion brings up the horsepower from a factory 3.8's 450hp to 543hp and TQ from 319 to approximately 400. Pick a spot on the power tq curve between 2900 rpms and 5300rpms and we have anywhere from 65-80 foot pounds more TQ than the factory 3.8 (bear in mind the 4.0 only has 22tq more than a 3.8 at peak). In a GT3 this is often regarded as somewhat of a dead-space zone as we like to keep our revs up as much as possible. Then when you do keep revving all the way to 8800 we never see that tq line come closer than 45! From 3500rpms HP is consistently up and additional 70plus HP until it peaks by more than 90 @ 7950rpms.

We have been lucky enough to interact with journalists and industry peers alike who have driven, sampled and/or reviewed our engine to varying degrees.

Below is a sample of their findings:

From industry peers & experts who have driven:


 Porsche Urban Outlaw Magnus Walker:

"I have never driven a car with this much power & torque- I was instantly very comfortable in the car after a few sprited 6th Street Bridge passes I was starting to push towards 8000rpm. The exhaust note is intoxicating! It was hard to stop driving the car and give it back to them...Quite possibly the most exciting car I have driven."


Russ Tyler of Singer Vehicle Design:
"The single most impressive flat-six powerplant I have ever experienced - Turbo force, but razor-sharp."

Ian Kuah, Excellence Magazine (May 2014) / 9tro Online:
"...the Shark Werks 4.1 feels like a 4.0 juiced on the most advanced steroid recipe yet concocted... from the word go the 4.1 felt quite different from anything in the Porsche GT3 road-car world...the 4.1 offers a fundamental difference in the way it answers the throttle - with absolutely explosive energy...The RS 4.1 is so quick it literally compressed the straights between the bends...This is a GT3 RS that goes as hard as a Turbo but with throttle response only dreamed of by the forced-induction engine...Its big displacement motor simply makes everything more effortless and will pull away from 1200 rpm in forth at town speeds...The SharkWerks /EVOMS 4.1 is not just one of the best tuner cars I have ever driven in my 30 years in the industry, it also showcases the tremendous potential in that brilliant GT1 motor..."

Pete von Behrens, Panorama Magazine (Issue #685):

"...the 4.1 delivers a double helping of torque...The 4.1 has so much more low-rpm punch than either [3.8 or 4.0] of the factory GT3 RSs that it takes time to adapt...The effortless, monumental pace all this torque unlocks is apparent within a single, short straight. The 4.1's ability to close the gap on the 3.8 is stunning. You're shoved into the seatback by turbo-like punch -- without turbo lag. The 4.1 gobbles up chunks of distance without the need to reach redline in each gear...With 4.1 liters, the GT3 RS enters a different league...While most of the differences between the 4.0 and 4.1 are subtle, the difference in torque isn't. In truth, the 4.1 feels like an entirely different engine from the 4.0, never mind the 3.8...The 4.1's torque curve gives you massive flexibility, allowing rapid progress without rowing the gears. It's a party trick that the RS 4.0 simply cannot match: turbo torque with normally aspirated throttle response...Get greedy with the throttle and the 4.1 lays stripes in first gear. In second, you can feel it searching for traction as its rear tires squirm. This kind of torque unlocks new ways to steer the rear end of a GT3...the 4.1 has convincingly demonstrated torque that gives it another gear, literally, compared to even the mighty 4.0."



Pete Stout, Panorama Magazine (Issue #685):

"Perhaps nothing about the 4.1 amazes me as much as its character. It takes on unexpected attributes from unlikely sources: The way it revs is Carrera GT-ish; its low-down torque is 996-Turbo-ish, its sewing machine smoothless is 2.5-liter Boxster-ish. Gone is the graininess of other GT3 engines-- as though four or six cylinders have been added...The conditions during our test made deploying the 4.1's torque tough, but driving it on a different day revealed it for what it is: a beast...the irony is that a used RS 3.8 with a silly expensive 4.1 conversion and RS 4.0 suspension looks like a good value against eye-watering expensive RS 4.0s...Some might call it revenge for 3.8 owners..."

It's not for everyone but if you would like to know more please feel free to email us or call 510-651-0300. At this time, this engine is only available for 996, 997 and 997.2 GT3 and GT3RS models that initially come with the Mezger engine. For a detailed price quote please contact us.

Press Coverage

"Find out how these Bay Area garagistas push their Porsches to the next level."

Jay Leno's Garage (April 2014):

"The 4.1 has so much more low-rpm punch than either of the factory GT3 RSs [3.8 and 4.0]" ... "You're shoved into the seatback by turbo-like punch -- without turbo lag"

Pete Von Behrens, Panoroma Magazine Issue #685:

"...the 4.1 offers a fundamental difference in the way it answers the throttle - with absolutely explosive energy." ... "one of the best tuner cars I have ever driven in my 30 years in the industry".

Ian Kuah, Excellence Cover Story (May 2014):