Innovative Pro Design (IPD)Plenum for 3.4L 987.2 Cayman / Boxster

Product type: Engine
  • Cayman / Boxster - 987.2

Product Description

Porsche’s new DFI (Direct Fuel Injection) intake is a totally and completely redesigned intake system developed to deliver improved performance, fuel consumption and emissions by optimizing the air fuel mixture directly inside the combustion chamber. The DFI Porsche engine package is a finely tuned performance machine and additional power has proved difficult to find. The unique design of Porsche’s new DFI intake system posed very challenging tuning hurdles but once again IPD developed a design that out performs the factory intake system without compromising reliability and drive-ability. This innovative and revolutionary IPD DFI Intake Plenum employs the patented “Y” design as well as an enlarged plenum area that allows for improved intake air speed and velocity resulting in performance increases without any loses in power.

The all new specifically designed IPD 3.4L DFI Cayman/Boxster Plenum is a direct bolt-on upgrade that replaces the factory plenum and utilizes all pre-existing factory hardware including the OE factory throttle body. The improved IPD intake design allows for smoother, less turbulent and more efficient air flow with higher velocity air intake speed creating impressive power and torque gains. The superior design of the DFI IPD Plenum provides an additional horsepower at the wheels and unlike previous naturally aspirated IPD plenums that delivered stronger gains in the mid range, the new IPD DFI Plenums deliver a similar shaped power curve as the factory but are considerably stronger from the mid range to redline. Power output in the lower rev range follows the Porsche factory output, with NO loses. Power and torque are realized in the midrange and continue to climb above factory power outputs all the way up to redline.

Price includes 82mm Throttle body also.

NOTE: This does not fit the base model Cayman or Boxster with 2.9L engine.