2006 Cayman S SharkWerks RS350 Kit & Cargraphic Exhaust

This silver 2006 Cayman S rushed down to us right before the first snowfall in BC Canada in order to get the SharkWerks RS350 kit. Drove all the way down, stayed the night and drove back. Good thing we installed the Cargraphic exhaust with minimal drone!

In she comes with the start of the Canadian winter...

In comes the trolley with a few goodies, including the IPD Competition Plenum, EVOMS Intake and Cargraphic Exhaust:

Off with the engine cover which gives access to the intake, throttle body and factory plenum. Meanwhile the ECU is tuned for 91 octane:

The larger GT3 sized throttle body is installed and less restrictive plenum go in:

Off with that factory exhaust. The Cargraphic has a factory-style fit and allows for the re-use of the stock tips to keep things stealthy:

And ready to go home to Canada. It looks stock but... it isn't! It will be back for a light-weight flywheel once the weather clears...