2008 Boxster S RS60 with RS350 kit and Track Upgrades

This GT Silver special edition 2008 Boxster RS60 came into us for our RS350 power upgrade, including the EVOMSit software, the IPD Competition plenum including the larger-sized 997 GT3 throttle body and EVO intake kit. As this special edition Boxster comes with a factory-installed Porsche sport exhaust we left it alone as far as the exhaust goes.

The first step is to calibrate the ECU with the EVOMSit software for 91 octane as part of our RS350 kit.

The Factory throttle-body vs the larger GT3 version shown:

Here's a picture of the larger IPD Competition plenum used as part of our RS350 kit vs the standard IPD plenum

With the engine cover off the IPD Competition plenum, 997GT3 throttle body and EVO intake kit are shown installed:

There she is at the track where she should be!

Since the last update, this RS60 has also had the following upgrades:
-996 GT3 Euro seat, color-matched to the interior
-Custom radiator grille screens
-Schroth harnesses

Also the car will be coming in soon for GT3 lower control arms and other suspension upgrades, at which time we'll add some more photos.