2010 Cayman S with Tubi Exhaust, IPD Plenum & Engine Dress-up

This lovely white (with black accents) 2010 Cayman S came in for a few goodies. On the menu was a Tubi exhaust for improved sound and anIPD Competition plenum with GT3 throttle body for better response. We also dressed her engine bay up a little as you'll see below....

The engine bay all clean with the engine cover removed but rather boring to look at in stock form:

Out comes the intake manifold, factory plenum and throttle body:

Smaller diameter stock throttle body and plenum:

IPD Competition plenum and intake manifold back in with some rather neat customization:

And with the new engine cover installed she looks a little more exotic:

Finally the exhaust is uncorked with a Tubi system installed:

Painted black side vents:

And now ready to go home: