2010 Porsche Cayman S with Tubi Exhaust & GT3 Brake Master Conversion

This 2010 Cayman S came into us for a vastly improved exhaust note with the Tubi exhaust system as well as improved brake feel/consistency for the track with the GT3 brake master cylinder conversion and stainless steel brake lines. Also on tap was the toe/bump correction kit.

In she comes:

Front trunk removal is first in order to get access to the stock brake master cylinder:

The 997.2GT3 PCCB version is used to improve the brake pedal feel and get rid of the mushiness:

Off come the factory brake lines:

In place go our stainless steel lines:

And in the front:

Next up is the removal of the quiet and heavy factory exhaust:

The Tubi exhaust was chosen for its awesome note along with a set of the Cayman R tips:

A clip of the Tubi Exhaust in action:

Off with the factory lower link:

The flawed eccentric bolt turns mid-corner changing your toe-angle:

On go the replacement RSS lower bump/toe correction kit along with lock out plates and solid bushing:

More to come for this one shortly but ready for her first track day: