2011 Cayman R with Brembo Brake & GT3 Master Upgrade

This local 2011 Cayman R was feeling a bit blue after a few track events when it came to its stock steel brakes. The pedal feel is notoriously mushy/inconsistent and many Gen2 Cayman owners have complained about this in comparison to their 911s. With R-compound tires and a quick driver at the track this otherwise nifty Cayman R needed a brake overhaul with a 14 inch 6-piston Brembo Brake Kit.

In for surgery:

The first port of call is the upgraded brake master cylinder, from a Gen2 GT3 with PCCB's:

The fronts are the very same brakes as on the 2006 Cayman S when it was first introduced. With the additional power and improved suspension Porsche really could have upped the ante for the Cayman R model...

The stock rear rotors were very worn and ready to be changed:

The Brembo goodies awaiting their turn:

The much larger and now 6-piston Brembo caliper vs smaller stock 4-piston:

Two piece slotted rotor with way more surface are vs the stock drilled and tired one...

Thicker and yet lighter too!:

Even the new 4-piston rear caliper is considerably larger:

Garnished in silver:

Fronts installed:

Rears being installed:

The stock 19 inch Cayman R wheels are some of the nicest factory wheels Porsche has ever had so no changes there. Fitment is a-ok with the larger brakes:

Ready to go hit some local NorCal tracks... only this time armed with a more consistent brake pedal, improved cooling (to help deal with traction control brake wear interference) and way more bite!