2011 Cayman S with Tubi Exhaust, EVOMSit, Bilstein & HRE P40 Wheels

This white 2011 second generation DFI Cayman S came into us for performance bump in the form of the EVOMSit software, a Tubi Exhaust system IPD Competition Plenum and the V-Flow intake. Not only does she now breathe better but she sounds like a proper sports car should. Dress with HRE P40 monobloks and Bilstein suspension she's also set up nicely for Auto-X and DE events

In she comes:

The EVOMSit Software calibrated for 91 octane:

On the lift she goes:

Some of the interior apart to expose the engine cover and intake:

Off comes the stock exhaust:

On go the connecting pipes:

The Tubi installed:

The factory tips bolt back on:

Off comes the factory suspension:

The Bilstein PSS9's ready to go on:

Installed along with the RSS rear lower control arms:

Off come the rear factory lower links:

The RSS rear bump correction kit is ready to go on:

Ready to go home for now along with HRE P40 monoblok wheels in satin black:

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