2015 Cayman GT4 Sharkafied w/ IPD Plenum & BMC Filters

This local 2015 silver Cayman GT4 came into us for a Sharkafied afternoon snack including the IPD Competition Plenum & GT3 Throttle Body upgrade & twin BMC air filters.

The plenum, throttle body and filter installation does not require the use of a lift and can be done on the ground:

The engine cover and interior in the rear is removed to gain access:

The smaller stock throttle body and plenum are removed:

Stock 74mm throttle body removed:

The larger 82mm is couple with the better-flowing IPD competition plenum:

Next up the stock filters are removed.

On the passenger side the filter itself is located behind the ECU:

The BMC's are installed into the housing:

With more power and improved response she's done for now:

Next to our silver bullet: