2015 Cayman GT4 Silver Sharkafied w/ Transmission & Power Upgrade #5

This local daily-driver 2015 GT silver GT4 came into us to get the SharkWerks Light-Weight Flywheel set up, custom gearset, IPD Compeition plenum and is now our #5 Sharkafied conversion.

We're only happy when it rains and a stock GT4 shows up to get fully-Sharkafied!

Up she goes:

Out comes the transmission so that we can install our LWF conversion & the custom Guard 3rd, 4th & 5th shorter gear-set:

The SharkWerks light-weight flywheel & clutch kit and other goodies at the ready & 50% lighter:

With the engine cover removed and interior disassembled we can now tackle the smaller throttle body and remove the air filters:

The larger 82mm throttle body is installed and coupled with the IPD Competition Plenum:

The two filter locations now exposed:

Dirty stock ones with only 4.5K miles vs the BMC filter:

The re-geared transmission back in the car again:

Finally she gets tuned with the EVOMSit software for 91-octane:

This silver bullet is now ready to go home!

A reminder of why: