2015 Cayman GT4 (Yellow) Sharkafied w/ IPD Plenum & BMC Filters

This 2015 yellow Cayman GT4 came into us to get a Sharkafied snack in the form of our power upgrade including the IPD Competition Plenum, EVOMSit software & BMC filters to get started:

In she comes:

A few rear interior pieces are removed to gain access to that mid-engine:

Engine cover removed:

Out with the stock plenum and smaller more restrictive throttle body:

Replaced with the 82mm throttle body and IPD plenum:

So few miles yet such a dirty stock filter vs the BMC unit:

Finally the EVOMSit software is installed and the car is tuned for 91 octane via the OBDII port:

And off she goes with an additional ~25hp: