2015 Cayman GTS Sharkafied w/ EVOMSit, IPD Plenum & BMC Filters

This gorgeous 2015 6-speed carmine red Cayman GTS came into get fully-sharkafied with more power/response from our EVOMSit tuning, the IPD Competition plenum and a set of new BMC filters for a nice 25hp bump.

First things first it's time to get that engine cover off:

The cover panels get peeled away to get access to the engine:

A few more parts later:

Now with the engine cover off the more restrictive stock plenum and smaller 76mm throttle body are tackled:

Stock plenum removed:

In goes the improved IPD unit along with the 82mm GT3 throttle body:

A few more panels are removed to gain access to the super-tight air filters:

Only 10k miles and pretty dirty indeed:

Finally the EVOMSit software is installed via the OBDII port using the TuneIT kit and set for 91 octane:

And after a few hours she's good to go home all Sharkafied and with more power: