2016 Boxster Spyder w/ Sharkafied Transmission & Power Kit

We sometimes get asked if & how the SharkWerks GT4 power & transmission upgrades apply to those lucky-few of you with the Boxster Spyder. The good news is everything bit of performance we have squeezed out of our GT4 is absolutely applicable and even more enjoyable in the open-air version with a Spyder. One of our favorite local projects was this gorgeous black with yellow project "Bob" conversion which came in for the full sharkafied treatment including the transmission re-gearing, the SharkWerks light weight flywheel conversion & power kit.

In she comes completely stock:

The first phase is to get that critically-spanked long-geared transmission out:

A few parts later:

With the transmission out we can also get rid of the stock dual mass flywheel and clutch:

With the transmission out to get regeared we install our 50% lighter flywheel conversion for improved response and acceleration (especially in 1-2 gears):

Together with GT Gears & BRM we have settled on a solution that changes 3rd, 4th, and 5th gears to shorter, closer ratios (approx difference is 14% in 3rd, 18% in 4th, and 16% in 5th). This allows shifting to 3rd gear sooner when needed, or staying in 2nd til the normal shift point and jumping to a better position in the powerband in 3rd, and staying in 3rd gear in more situations (ie mid-low speed corners) with improved acceleration. By shortening 3rd, 4th, and 5th gears, you have closer ratios and stay in the powerband longer through typical top speeds.

The next step is to partially put the top up to get access to the engine cover to we can tackle the power mods:

With the engine cover off we now have access to the stock intake plenum and 74mm stock throttle body:

The IPD plenum is installed along with the larger 82mm throttle body:

Some more panels, the ECU etc.. are removed to gain access to the stock filter locations:

You can see the stock filter was quite dirty considering the low mileage so regular replacements will be required:

The improved intake & exhaust hardware is then finely tuned with our EVOMSit software specific to our GT4 set up:

Next up we install our sport manifold kit:

As a final touch we also tweak the rear end a bit with the larger SharkWerks Black X-pipe Tips:

Now with an additional 40hp and regeared she's ready for some NorCal open-air fun: