Shark WerksRace Exhaust for 992 / Carrera / S / Turbo

Product type: Exhaust
  • 911 Turbo / S - 992
  • 911 Carrera S-992
  • 911 Carrera 4S-992
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Product Description

Our Race Exhaust for 992 gives the car a much more aggressive and louder tone than standard or Sports exhaust options, without check engine lights or modifying the original electronic sport exhaust valves. Fits 992 Carrera, Carrera S, GTS, and 992 Turbo and Turbo S models.

The sound of this system is what we consider "loud and aggressive", and features 3" tubing, but does not drone when cruising at freeway speeds.

The car will have a noticeable, louder bark on cold start and slightly louder when idling once warmed up, will be more aggressive at wide open and partial throttle and multiplies turbo whistling sounds and overrun (in Sport mode).

This system re-uses the original emissions equipment and tailpipes without cutting or welding, so it's completely reversible. This means the system is simpler to install, and won't trigger check engine lights or problems at inspections. 

Since we found with testing that the exhaust valve system has a mind of its own and rarely does what you want even with the Sport button, we opted to build brackets that secure the original valves in place without allowing them to control the exhaust, so the valved exhaust system no longer functions with our Sport Exhaust installed

The exhaust includes all required installation hardware and instructions.



This exhaust was used on the record breaking Pikes Peak hill climb 992 Turbo S from 000 and Champion Motorsports, shown in the following videos.


Onboard 992 Turbo S:


External video of the Pikes Peak hill climb 992 Turbo S from 000 and Champion Motorsports:

Press Coverage

Got her installed. WOW. It has transformed the car.

I recently picked up a 992 C2S coming from a 991 GT3 (I know - backwards move) but the GT3 was too brutal for around town. I knew I would miss the 9k screams, especially from the sharkwerks gt3 sport exhaust I had on there. Last month I bought my 992 C2S while I'm waiting for my GTS allocation to come to fruition. I have been a bit apathetic about the driving experience since the purchase. The 992 is plenty quick and feels as if it would keep up with a GT3 on the street - but from a driving perspective it feels quite neutered. Seat time in a stock 992 is absent of that visceral feedback that a loud, grumbly exhaust can provide... welp, this provides it and some!
This is my 3rd 911 in 4 years and my 3rd Sharkwerks exhaust I've installed. Super happy with the product and super happy with the customer service. 
Customer, David J - Ohio

this was my first Sharkwerks exhaust. HOLY ****!!! The car sounds absolutely amazing!! Just perfect! I never knew a TTS could sound so good. Completely transformed the car and now it sounds so good even in city driving! Goal accomplished! Sounds better than my F8 Spider I had in the city for sure!

Customer, D - Nevada


  • Louder, aggressive tone, without drone at 60-80 MPH while maintaining speed 
  • 50-State Emissions Legal (does not effect "smog" or emissions equipment) and will not cause check engine lights
  • Made in the USA from locally sourced Stainless Steel
  • Re-uses original exhaust tips - no need to cut or modify and completely reversible
  • Expected minor power gains, and weight savings, and faster turbo spool-up

This is a LOUD EXHAUST. Please keep this in mind prior to ordering.

For a more reasonable sound level and valve controls, we recommend the TechArt Exhaust

Note: If choosing Black Ceramic Coating option, allow 1-2 weeks additional time for processing. We generally see this as an aesthetic change and not a performance upgrade.