Tubi StyleExhaust for 997 Turbo

Product type: Exhaust
  • 911 Turbo - 997

Product Description

NOT FOR SALE in California or USA. For off-road use only.

The Tubi style 997TT exhaust has a very distinctive sound. It is constructed of INOX 304 stainless steel and utilizes OEM hardware and mounting point. The 997 twin turbo system is 26 pounds lighter than the OEM system. Experience better throttle response (with reduced back pressure), quicker spool, increased horsepower and torque. The tubi exhaust system sports 200 cell high-flow catalytic converters and uses aerospace insulation, stainless steel interior silencer tubes and allows the car to run cooler.

Here is a video showing this exhaust in action:

About Tubi
Tubi Style USA, Incorporated is proud to offer North America Tubi Style hand crafted stainless steel exhaust systems for Porsche. They have long been the standard throughout Europe, and are now available in the US exclusively through authorized Champion Motorsport dealers.

Tubi Style has a history of working in conjunction with top Italian marques, meeting the demands of exotic production cars, prototypes, super cars and Formula One teams, as well as a number of offshore ocean racing teams.

TUBI Style exhaust systems are handcrafted in a small modern shop in Fiorano, Italy. Each Tubi Style system is created from start to finish by hand, utilizing the finest materials available and superior 
manufacturing process.

Construction begins on a specific jig, manufactured for each model. The material used both internally and externally is INOX 304 stainless steel. Each exhaust is “TIG” welded with argon gas pumped into the chambers and piping while construction is in progress. This procedure prevents warping and insures strong uncontaminated welds. Flanges are fusion cast stainless steel, to maintain integrity during assembly and throughout the life of the system.

Exhaust gases are unobstructed through the system. This enables increased engine performance while preventing the compromise of excessive engine resonance. An internal lining of Isolmer mineral fiber with fusion point of 1159 degrees Celsius makes this possible. The mineral fiber insulation is held in place with perforated stainless steel, eliminating any migration of material throughout the life of the system.
Tubi Style exhaust systems are designed to be installed directly onto catalytic equipped vehicles. They adapt to the car’s existing hardware and mounting points, allowing for quick and simple installation without modification. All flanges are fusion cast stainless steel, to maintain structural integrity during assembly and throughout the life of the system. Built with stainless steel interior silencer tubes and aerospace insulation, TUBI Style systems are lighter than factory OEM systems and utilize OEM mounting points to install directly onto catalytic-equipped vehicles quickly and simply without chassis modifications.

A blending of harmony and art, the distinctive sounding handcrafted TUBI Style exhaust systems are available from Champion Motorsport for all current Porsche models.