Shark WerksLight Weight Exhaust Tips for 997 / 997.2 GT3 / RS

Product type: Exhaust
  • 911 GT3 RS - 997.2
  • 911 GT3 RS - 997
  • 911 GT3 - 997.2
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Product Description

Enhance the look of any 997 GT3 or GT3RS' rear-end with our new enlarged (88mm, compared with 81mm OEM tips) light-weight exhaust tips. Manufactured in California using TIG-welded stainless steel, our tips have been ceramically heat treated with a satin black finish to remain OEM-like in both fitment and appearance.

As an easy ten minute bolt-on, our tips are designed to fit the stock exhaust system, our muffler bypass and/or any after-market exhaust system that accepts factory-style tips, including 2010+ GT3 and GT3RS models. Our tips are not only larger but actually shave over one pound off of the stock units and are roughly two pounds lighter than some of the heavier after-market set ups. During testing on local tracks with high engine speeds we even encountered instances of after-market and stock center sections cracking due to the added stress of increased weight from larger/heavier tips suspended out the rear on an already high temperature and metal-stressed area.


Outer diameter is 88mm (81mm as stock).


  • Works with SharkWerks Bypass System
  • Works with factory Exhaust
  • Works with after-market systems that accept factory tips