Shark WerksHigh-Flow X-Pipe Tips for 981 Cayman / GT4

Product type: Exhaust
  • Cayman GT4 - 981
  • Cayman / Boxster - 981
  • Boxster Spyder - 981
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Product Description

The original exhaust tip design on the Cayman GT4 (and other 981 models) leaves a bit to be desired: The stock tip has a T-junction pipe to the exit, and the dual-layer / original tip barrel diameter does not give the car an aggressive look that fits the car's performance and sound.

We designed our tips with an X-style merge instead of a T-intersection, and opted for the maximum sized, single-layer tubing to make the tips as aggressive as possible. We also slash cut the ends to match the OEM angle and length. Comes with a pair of new clamps (stock ones are welded to the factory tips). 

This tip was designed and manufactured from 304 stainless steel for our Shark Werks GT4 project car.

Stock tip barrel size: 91mm OD / 70mm ID
Shark Werks tip barrel size: 97mm OD / 93mm ID 

Stock weight: 5.6 pounds
Shark Werks weight: 4.3 pounds (with clamps)

The tips are coated in satin black using a high-temperature ceramic coating.


Installation is a reversible bolt-on that takes under an hour, and does not require any cutting or welding. Purchase includes new stainless steel exhaust clamps for the installation.


Note: At this time we are only selling these in the ceramic coated black finish.